Communication Services

Contains companies that provide content, such as information, advertising, entertainment, news, and social media, delivered on networks, primarily through internet, broadband, cellular, cable, and land lines.

Consumer Discretionary

Contains businesses that are more sensitive to economic cycles, including makers of automobiles, household durable goods, leisure equipment, and textiles, and apparel. Also covers services such as hotels, restaurants, and other leisure facilities, as well as retailing.

Consumer Staples

Covers businesses that are less sensitive to economic cycles, including manufacturers and distributors of food, beverages and tobacco, and producers of non-durable household goods and personal products. Also includes food and drug retailers.


Covers companies engaged in the exploration and production, refining and marketing, and storage and transportation of oil and gas, and coal and consumable fuels. Also includes companies that offer oil and gas equipment and services.


Includes banks and thrifts, as well as providers of diversified financial services, specialized finance, consumer finance, asset management and custody of securities, investment banking, and brokerage services, capital markets services, financial exchanges, data and analytics, insurance underwriters and brokers, and mortgage REITs.